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We are not the most powerful app built on the Steem Blockchain for no reason.

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We Help People to Build their Dreams

Several people, teams and organizations are using Peer Query to find quality talent for their projects. They also use Peer Query to publish their progress reports reports to the Steem blockchain

We also Help People Find their Passion

If you are just looking for something bigger than life to contribute to, this is the perfect place to be.

Explore queries of all sorts, including gigs, jobs, and contents offered by your peers as well as projects.

Insights of our community and work


What's the secret sauce?

Steem Blockchain

The world's most powerful Blockchain, with the most processed transactions, instant transfers, conventional account names and feeless transfers.

Computer intelligence

The Steem Blockchain permanently stores user generated content - including your queries and their replies, while rewarding us for using it.

Uncensored community

Blockchain-grade security means no-censorship of your earnings, no censoring of your account, no censoring or corruption of your content.

Built with the support of the community

Peer Query is built with the support of the Steem community. Notable mentions include: @Transisto, @BlockTrades, @Utopian-io, @ReggaeMuffin, @NewsFlash, @AusbitBank, @TheJohalFiles, @GrumpyCat, @pFunk, @KingsCrown, @Elear, @Good-Karma, @Jesta, @Cryptoctopus, @Wackou, @Xeldal, @Ekitcho, @Exyle, @RoelandP, @FMinerTen, @Geoffrey, @Netuoso, @TimCliff, @Drakos, @Techslut, @Ana-Maria, @Olorin, @Twinner, @CoolGuy123, @CodingDefined, @Tabris, @TheRealWolf, @Good-Karma, @Simba, @Runicar, @Yabapmatt, @Eturnerx, @Equites, @RainbowDash, and @Pluse.

Meet the Query interface of the Blockchain

Peer Query is an open source collaboration platform built on the Steem Blockchain. Securely initiate a community projects with like minded-peers, collaborate and reward effort.

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