Full Disclosure for Peer Query

The terms "Peer Query", "peerquery.com" "we" or "us" as used in this document shall refer to the founder of Peer Query(Makafui George Dzivenu), all acknowledged supporters(as listed here) all members of the operating team of Peer Query(including curators and moderators) and all our partners(Steem Power delegators) of Peer Query; past and present entities.

The below terms shall cover the activities, liability, and responsibility of the above-prescribed entities to PeerQuery.com and its affiliated services.

Beta mode

The http://www.peerquery.com software is only in the beta edition and could be prone to bugs and other mishaps. We are only in the testing stage and all our activities are conducted on testing bases, not on production bases.

We make no guarantees nor bear no responsibility of warranty of any nature to the users, partners or whomsoever our activities or operations may affect. We specifically disclaim any liability arising from the use or operation of our site, caused by our users or our end.

Reward splitting

Peer Query takes a 10% revenue split from all posts created on our platform through reward splitting. This deduction is made on all post and comments created through the PeerQuery.com.

This revenue stream is used to finance the further development of the site, maintenance of the site, pay for marketing, remunerate our team members and pay dividends to our partners.

Also, part of these funds is used to buy voting power for @pq-bot which auto-votes posts created on Peer Query.

@pq-bot auto-voting

While our @pq-bot attempt to auto-vote on all posts created on Peer Query without review, we make no guarantees that every posted created on Peer Query will be voted on.

The Steem Blockchain sets a limited to how many votes can be cast in a minute hence our bot is subject to those restrictions and will not vote on more posts that limited by the Steem blockchain.

Again, our voting bots will be shut down occasionally to allow for the Steem power to recharge. During such period there will be no voting by @pq-bot on posts created on Peer Query.

Content curation

Peer Query curators will review all posts made to the site to appoint those that meet the community's standards for voting by the @peerquery bot on for featuring on the site.

We cannot guarantee that all eligible posts will be appointed for voting, nor can we increase the likeliness of any post being voted.

Contributing to code

The full source code for the working version of Peer Query has been open sourced on Github for review, free use and potential voluntary contributions particularly in the area of addressing issues.

All contributions made to the open source code of Peer Query will be considered as voluntary donations to an open source project hence we bear to responsibility of compensation of any kind to the contributors for the use of any contributed code.

We would strongly recommend that all potential contributors use Utopian.io to publish their contributions to Peer Query to potentially receive compensation for their efforts.


Members of the Peer Query team are considered as voluntary "casual workers" under the labour laws of Ghana and will remain so even after the incorporation of Peer Query.

Partners, team members and users of Peer Query are fully compensated for their services according to the current agreement by which they agreed to join Peer Query hence are not entitled to any future gains - excepted when ratified in an agreement between Peer Query's founder and the said party with the siad agreement published to the Peer Query blog with the account: @peeerquery.

Until further notice, PeerQuery.com, the brand, products & services as well as its associated assets remain the exclusive property of the founder, developer and admin; Makafui George Dzivenu.

Report accuracy

While we strive to represent data as accurate as possible, the current software does not allow us to have an accurate representation of statistics. For this reason, not all statistics about users, queries, tags, amount earned, views and general stats are accurate. We are improving on the accuracy of our metrics, however until then it must be understood that not all statistics displayed on Peer Query are accurate.


While the source code of Peer Query is available under MIT license, the brand is trademarked. Kindly refrain from using the "Peer Query" brand name without permission, as well as hijacking or squatting on the brand's potential digital properties.

Content policy

Peer Query is only an interface to the Steem blockchain hence all content posted on Peer Query bu users will be published on the respective Steem accounts of the posters. Peer Query does not store any of the content posted through our site, except metadata for indexing purposes.

Users are solely responsible for all their activities on Peer Query including the content they post. Peer Query cannot regulate the nature of materials posted due to the anti-censorship nature of the Steem Blockchain and also due to the fact that content is actually posted on the user's account - not to Peer Query.

Our curators and admins will do their best to curate and vote on only original content, however in the case our original content verification algorithm fails us and we curate or vote on pirated material, affected persons should report the matter to us within 5 days when the post was published.

While we will act in good faith to curb piracy on our site, should the affected persons fail to report to us in time, or should we fail to respond to the matter in time; we will not be liable for any potential loss under piracy laws, criminal laws or any other laws.

Policy change

Peer Query may change this disclosure from time to time at Peer Query's sole discretion. Notification of any such update will be published to the visit to inform users of the change in policy.


By using our website, you hereby consent to this disclosure, our Privacy Policy and agree to our Terms and Conditions.