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We don't believe in open source; actually, we live it!

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What's your version of Open Source?

Open Source by design

The most powerful app built on the world's most powerful Blockchain is not only built on Open Source technologies, but is also Open Source.

Contributes to Open Source

Peer Query have contributed to several open source projects, including those in the crypto-currency(Steem) industry and also beyond.

Supports Open Source

We also support several Open Source projects, with a special category created just for such projects. They benefit from our curation service.


Open Source Projects Started Here

Markup JS

Powerful libraries for HTML and Markdown markup text manipulation and transformation.

Markup JS
Req Sanitizer

This Express.js middleware sanitizes your *req.body* object so you do not need to do so later.

Req Sanitizer
App Stream

Advanced Standalone Steem data indexing app. Indexing by author, category and app is supported.

App Stream

All in one standalone app for curation with support for teams, indexing filters and an in-built bot.


We are Open Source by Design

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