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Delegate Steem Power to our Curation

You still retain full control of your wealth since there is no direct investment(100% security), you only rent to our curation team the right to vote with your Steem Power.

We Make Sure to Return the Favor

You reach a mutually beneficial agreement on how to return your ROI as advertising, reward split share or others. Our activities are open the Blockchain, offering absolute accountability and transparency.

Photo by Raw Pixel.

What's in the details?

Delegate Steem Power

You retain full control of your wealth and only rent to us your Steem Power.

'Intelligent' human intelligence

Our curation team uses your Steem Power to upvote the best project reports.

Everyone wins big

In turn, we return to you a share of the author rewards split we reserve.

Do you just want to support our work?

You are more than welcome. Delegate Steem Power to our curation!

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